For those who were not able to attend this year at Conclave, we’d like to share with you a few of the highlights with particular attention to the young men and women of Conejo Valley Chapter. We congratulate everyone for taking on the responsibility of office in any capacity or have been honored with an award throughout every league  in SCJ and all the offices of Southern California Jurisdiction Order of DeMolay. It’s because of the combined effort of every single one of officers, members, advisors and  it’s supporters that  makes it all possible for DeMolay  to develop tomorrow’s leaders today.

ConejoValleyKnightsKnights of the Conejo Valley DeMolay

KnightsofSaintBernard_PrioryThe Knights of Saint Bernard Priory and Lady of the Priory Chelsea Mazer at Conclave 2014

Congratulations to Ryan Gooch, Michael Langberg and Christopher Liner on being invested as Knights of the Saint Bernard Priory and Chelsea Mazer as Lady of the Priory. These young men and women set great examples on what it means to be a DeMolay, and are making a difference in the chapter, league and Jurisdiction.

Congratulations to Conejo Valley’s and all the DeMolay who were installed in office this year at Conclave. The following Conejo Valley members have been installed as: Neo-Trital League President Ryan Gooch, Neo-Trital League Sweetheart Whitney Grubb, and Lady of the Priory Chelsea Mazer on being invested into their respective offices.

This year at Conclave there were a host of activities to participate in ranging from all types of games, activities, and leadership and learning opportunities. Below is are photos from the Casino Night activity at SCJ DeMolay Conclave.