Wow…March is almost over and we are really excited about the next couple of months. So much has been happening and is coming up that I hope you can plan to be a part of it all! The month of March is DeMolay month and we’ve been involved with a series of activities to commemorate our 95th Year…that’s right DeMolay is celebrating 95 years this year! So, we just had our annual SCJ DeMolay Membership Class where 23 young men saw both degrees of DeMolay. This event was held at the San Bernardino Scottish Rite this year and it was a packed house full of DeMolays, Advisors, Parents and Masons from all over Southern California. Guests were also able to see the Ceremony of Lights and the Mother’s Flower Talk. If you have never seen these public ceremonies, then come to our Mother’s Day Brunch in May and our Installation in June and you will get to see them both. Also, to celebrate DeMolay Month, we are selling DEMOLAY PRIDE/95TH Years and Counting bracelets as a fundraiser. They are $5 each and the money earned will help support the programs of the chapter and possibly help the young men earn money towards our annual Conclave event. If you see one of our members, Brother Frank Shapiro or Brother Brandon Lippincott, ask them for one and support your DeMolay Chapter! The bracelets will help us promote DeMolay and your donation really makes a difference to our annual budget.

In April, we will be having 2 of our young men see the DeMolay Degree. We will also be holding our 3rd annual Spring Fling Dance in the Social Hall on 4/19 from 7-11:30 PM so if you want to come by and support the chapter, we would love to have you come. Also, if you have any young men 10-20 that you believe of good character, likes to have fun and would be a asset to our chapter, then please bring them to the dance and let us meet them! Remember, we have our pledge group, The Squires of the Round Table for young men 10-13. Also, in April we will be doing a fundraiser at Albertson’s Grocery store – cooking up some BBQ. We will get a separate flyer out through the lodge so you can come by and let us make you lunch. Our next corps of officers will be turning in their letters of intent on 4/10 and our elections will be at our stated meeting in May. If you have never seen this process done, I encourage you to come to the stated meeting on 5/8 and see how DeMolays elect their officers and Chapter Sweetheart. During the month of April, I will be conducting a DAD training class for those Masons who want to work with the young men of DeMolay. This important first step in your career as a DeMolay DAD Advisor needs to be done before submitting your application into DeMolay International. I know there are a few members of the lodge who have mentioned they want to work with us on the advisory council, so plan on being at the CV Social Hall on Saturday, April 19th from 10 AM- 2PM for this important training seminar – which is provided at NO COST.

In May, we will be having a Mother’s Day Brunch. This event is still in the planning process and we have to finish all the details so more information to follow. I can tell you that ALL Mothers and Grandmothers will be FREE of charge and a hearty breakfast will be served to everyone. We will announce ticket prices soon and will serve for a couple of hours then have the Mother’s Flower Talk presented, where our members will not only take flowers and present them to their mothers but we will also have a gift for all mothers in attendance. As soon as this event is finalized, we will get the word out to the Lodge, Eastern Star and other masonic groups in Ventura County. Lastly, in May we will be taking the members camping to the beach. This trip was scheduled for February but we had to cancel it due to the series of storms we just had. So, we are going to hit the campground on 5/30 for 2 nights/3 days. This is just one example of the fun activities that the young men get to plan for themselves…and they are SO excited about this event.

Lastly, I am very pleased and proud to announce that YOUR DeMolay chapter has reached the point of earning our formal charter from DeMolay International. So, what that means is after nearly 4 years of very hard work from the members, advisors and supporters of the chapter, we are going to be officially a registered DeMolay Chapter again and not just a “club”. We have been operating on Letters Temporary so this is huge accomplishment for your DeMolay Chapter. The members, advisors and supporters have been working towards this day for over 3 years and we have arrived. In about 8-10 weeks, we will have our new charter and on the night it’s presented to us by our League Administrator and Executive Officer, Dad Victor Key, I would like to have as many members of the Lodge present as possible. We are discussing a date in June for this special occasion and as soon as we have a date set, we will of course let the Lodge know so everyone can plan to attend. We cannot thank the members of Conejo Valley Lodge #807 for the support, faith and backing that we have enjoyed during the forming years of the chapter. Please keep up the great efforts on behalf of DeMolay….remember these young men could be the future officers of Conejo Valley Lodge #807.


Ira Mazer
Chapter Dad, Conejo Valley Chapter
Order of DeMolay